Monday, August 30, 2010

Exclusive: Q&A with Executive Producer Tim Minear

Terriers executive producer Tim Minear began his primetime television work on hit shows The X Files and Angel.  As a writer he's known for his perversely humorous scripts that get to the essence of whatever show he's on making him ideal for an FX dramedy.  Tim was kind enough to set aside some time to answer a few brief questions about his involvement in Terriers and his relationship with FX.

By the time you joined Terriers as an executive producer the pilot had already been shot and cut. What about the show appealed to you?

Tim Minear: Specifically, a few things.  It's an edgy hour with character humor.  So that's sort of what I do.  It was with Shawn Ryan, and we'd run into each other a couple of times on the Fox lot and were looking for a reason to work together again, and it was for FX and I wanted to try something on cable.  So sort of a perfect storm.  

When Terriers was picked up, it was noted that its tone is a departure for FX's brand.  Could you perhaps elaborate on this?

TM: Not really sure what to say on that score.  Feels like an FX show to me.   I know I've seen a few reviews that mention that the premise sounds like more like a USA hour than FX, but I think we go to "FX-y" places with the concept.  

The title of executive producer is one you’ve held many times.  However, it can also entail many different duties...  What exactly is your role on Terriers?

TM: I was running the show with Ted and Shawn.  Not unlike what I did with Joss and David Greenwalt in the latter part of my tenure at Angel.

How has working with FX, a basic cable network, differed from your past experiences with broadcast networks?

TM: Reminded me of Angel in the days of the WB.  FX was great.  Very supportive, very enthusiastic, in sync with what we were doing and very smart input.

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  1. I have been looking forward to this show, the trailer looks like fun.